Electronic Instruments

Scratch resistant display windows for
electronic music instruments.

Electronic Instruments

The application environment

Electronic instruments are mostly used by professional musicians in studio and concert environments. Typical electronic instruments are exposed to regular transportation and rough treatment during use. Therefore, the mechanical design must be somewhat ruggedized, e.g. with a very scratch resistant display window.

Typical filter and display window demands

  • Scratch resistance
  • High optical quality
  • Special design features
  • For touch applications: a smooth touch surface

PSC Products and solutions

Solaris Clear acrylic material for high optical quality and a clear hard coat such as Cleartech provides the scratch resistant surface. For touch solutions, Cleartech Touch is a popular choice.


Case: Elektron Music Machines AB

Display windows for electronic instruments

Customer & Application

Elektron Music Machines AB provides professional electronic music instruments of the highest quality for the music industry worldwide. PSC supplies display windows for a wide range of Elektrons products, fx Machinedrum SPS-1UW+ MKII.

Most important customer requirements

Elektron Music Machines requires a scratch resistant clear display window of very high optical quality.


An acrylic display window with PSC’s unique clear hard coat Cleartech™, CNC-machined into exact geometry and multi-colour screen print.

Customer benefits

The customer obtains a finished ready-to-mount display window solution with the excellent optical quality and scratch resistance required.


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