Telecom / Mobile

Scratch and impact resistant display windows for
ruggedized mobile and communication applications

Telecom / Mobile

The application environment

The telecom / mobile applications are found in consumer or professional environments. The display window requirements for the consumer applications mostly concern design and optical quality.  For the professional applications it mainly concern durability and optical quality. Some ruggedized applications require extra durable display windows i.e. regarding chemical, scratch and impact resistance.

Typical display window requirements

  • Scratch and impact resistance
  • High light transmission
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low weight
  • Easy to clean
  • For touch: A smooth touch surface

PSC products and solutions

Display windows of Polycarbonate and Solaris™ Clear acrylic with our clear hard coat surface treatments, HC Clear or Cleartech™ are preferred choices, providing outstanding durability and high optical quality. PSC manufactures a number of display window solutions for this specific market. Below you can read about one of them.


Case: Ascom

ascom handset  ascom handset ruggedized

Customer and application

Ascom Wireless Solutions offers a broad range of state-of-the-art mobility solutions and applications, purpose-built handsets, wireless voice- and message-transmission-systems, and customized alarm and positioning applications. PSC delivers among other display windows for the Ascom d81, which is a ruggedized  handset communication device. 

Most important customer requirements

The handset is used in the toughest working environments, where the handset is handled roughly and is exposed to harsh environments. Therefore, the display window needs to be scratch and impact resistance. Furthermore, chemical resistance and low weight are important display window requirements. 


The display window solution is a polycarbonate window with HC Clear, which is a clear hard coat.

Customer benefits

The display window solution is extremely scratch, impact, and chemical resistant which underpins the ruggedized application design. Furthermore, the display window is of low weight and has a high optical quality. Overall it is a perfect solution for a high quality ruggedized handset.

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