We find many names for those we love!

The term jungle of display windows, cover glass,
optical filters, front glass & cover lens’

We find many names for those we love!

In our industry we have been acquainted with many different terms for the same kind of product i.e. display window, cover glass, optical filter, front glass, cover lens and display filter just to mention a few. The term used depends on the industry and application origin.

Mostly we use the term ‘display window’ when it is applied for display applications and ‘optical filter’ (or just filter), when it is applied for machine vision applications.

PSC's definition of a display window:

Display windows are placed in front of electronic displays with the aim to:

  • improve the appearance, performance and/or functionality of the display itself or the equipment as a whole
  • and/or to protect the display from the ‘outside’ elements.

PSC's definition of an optical filter:

Optical filters are applied in machine vision applications such as detectors, scanners and cameras with the aim to:

  • allow or block specific parts of the colour range – visible as well as invisible to the human eye, thus improving signal to noise ratio
  • protect the optics 



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