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Stricter EMC requirements


New revision of IEC 60601-1-2 increases focus on EMI shielding of displays



4th edition of IEC 60601-1-2 is the latest revision of the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for medical electronic devices. This revision imposes significantly higher EMC test levels than before. The tests are based on the environment where the equipment will be used, i.e. in a healthcare facility, at home or in a special environment such as military and heavy industry.
EMI poses risk disturbing certain electronic devices causing e.g. malfunctions or false alarms. The increased EMC requirements aim to minimize these risks in vital environments, where EMI disturbances can be fatal, e.g. in medical devices.
The effective date for 4th edition of IEC 60601-1-2 in US is April 1st 2017. The estimated compliance date for EU is December 31st 2018. However, this date is not finalized yet. When the revision becomes effective all medical devices sold within EU must comply with the new standard. Therefore, manufacturers of medical electronic devices should review the design of their products in order to ensure fulfilment of the required EMC compliance.

Implications regarding EMI shielding of displays

The increased EMC test levels cause a need for an overall higher electromagnetic compliance especially some types of medical devices. The display area is a vital part of devices’ shielding efficiency.
Therefore, the need for EMI shielding of the display - in order to attenuate the in/out going emission related to the display (opening) - is also augmented by the revision of the IEC 60601-1-2 standard.

PSC's EMI shielded windows can help you fulfil the new revision

Any EMI shielding of displays is a balance between the shielding effect and the light transmission. The goal is to achieve the required shielding performance and at the same time ensuring maximum readability. PSC has the knowledge to optimise both of these vital parameters.
Furthermore, PSC has very thin display window solutions which make it easier retrofitting EMI shielding into existing products. 
Please contact the PSC sales department to learn more about our EMI shielding display window solutions.
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