Extensive range of transparent coloured optical filters for displays

Solaris™ Colour

The Solaris™ S range is a virtually endless range of transparent coloured optical filters used in a variety of applications for contrast enhancement, colour conversion or colour correction in displays using for example VFD, LCD or LED technology.

Properties of Solaris S Colour Filters

Solaris™ S optical filters are used to control or manipulate the light emitting from a display. This is done by adapting the filter’s transmittance characteristic, to the colour of the light emitted from the display.

An important distinction is made between broad-band and selective filters. Broad-band filters are basically gray-shaded filters which allow for the transmittance of all light (colours). They are therefore often used in applications in which contrast enhancement is required without loss of the full colour spectrum. Selective filters are designed to only transmit specific wavelengths of the light, i.e. specific colours.
Selective filters are especially suitable for applications requiring colour correction and contrast enhancement of monochrome displays.

All Solaris S grades contains UV-absorbing material, blocking efficiently up to approx. 400 nm.

PSC offers an extensive range of ColourMatching services. Using proprietary computer based C&L® simulation software, PSC can calculate and create coloured filters and Colour Conversion Filters meeting almost any customer specified colour or chromacity target.

Click here to see examples on selective and broadband filters and read more about our colour competences.

Solaris™ DS - Light Diffusion Control

The Solaris™ DS contains no pigments which can hinder light transmission, achieving the ideal diffusion of light.This makes it perfect for small angle scattering. Solaris™ DS is based on the Solaris™ Clear but the special light diffusion properties occur by mixing raw materials with different refractive indices.

We produce Solaris™ DS filters in three grades. They diffuse in white light but can be tinted in other colours. 

Filter Total light 
transmittance %

Light transmittance directly 
through filter %

Diffusion %
DS 416 67.2 3.5 94.8
DS 424 57.0 1.8 96.8
DS 432 55.8 1.6 97.0


Surface features

PSC offers a long range of surface treatments that can be applied to SolarisTM S Colour Filters. Applying the right surface treatment is often the key to the optimum display window solution. Click here to read more about our surface treatments.

Technical Data

  • Thickness from 0.5 mm.
  • Tolerances down to +/- 0.1 mm.
  • Dimensions up to 2000 x 3000 mm.
  • More than 60 standard colours optimised for various types of displays.
  • UV block up to 400 nm.

Applications & Cases

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