Ideal EMI-shielding for touch solutions


Combi-Shield™ is an EMI-shielding solution which can be combined with almost any type of display window or cover glass. It is especially suitable for touch-screen applications (i.e. resistive and PCap), or for retro-fitting an EMI-shielding solution into an existing display or monitor design.

Furthermore, due to the excellent shielding performance, Combi-Shield™ is an ideal choice for applications where maximum shielding efficiency is required (i.e. TEMPEST and MIL requirements). 

Properties of Combi-Shield™ 

Combi-Shield™ is a blackened “flying mesh” which is stretched and mounted on a thin, rigid conductive and corrosion resistant metal (aluminium)  frame. The direct metal overlap and contact ensures that the application benefits from the maximum shielding potential for the chosen mesh. 

The solution can be integrated in a current application needing EMI shielding without changing anything else. Combi-Shield™ is very thin and only takes up 1-1.5 mm space. The metal frame geometry can be optimized for the application. 

Combi-Shield™ can be applied independently on the chosen front window solution. This means that no restrictions apply when combining optical qualities with EMI shielding. Both can be optimized for the specific application.

 Attenuation curve - EMC / EMI shielding solution for touch


Technical Data

  • Minimum frame width approx 12 mm.
  • Temp. range: - 46°C to + 95 °C.
  • Metal frame: Aluminium type AW 5005
  • Frame thickness: from 1mm
  • Conductive, corrosion resistant coating: Iridite NCP MacDermid®
  • Mesh type: SG458/50 standard and other types upon request
  • Mesh orientation: 0° to 45°
  • Mesh blackening


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