A Clear Hard Coat is almost invisible and provides a very hard surface

Clear Hard Coats

A Clear Hard Coat is a clear, virtually invisible, and very hard surface treatment. The flawless optical quality makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring maximum light transmittance combined with a scratch resistant surface. It is often used for applications with high resolution LCD colour displays or any other application in which protection of the surface is the first priority.

HC Clear

HC Clear is a Clear hard coat that can be applied to clear and coloured acrylic, and clear and coloured Polycarbonate. HC Clear provides high scratch resistance, graffiti resistance, great all weather performance and has a great optical quality. HC Clear can be applied on both sides of the display window regardless of the base material. 


Cleartech™ is a clear hard coat that only can be applied to clear acrylic. During the coating process, the Cleartech™ is applied both to front and rear side of the display window. By protecting both sides of the window, the risk of damages during mounting and assembly processes is significantly reduced. The benefits of the Cleartech™ are or course fewer rejects and lower quality costs.

The surface hardness (measured in pencil hardness) is among the best ever seen on plastics (6-8 H).

Due to the durability of Cleartech™, it is perfect for displays used under challenging conditions on a daily basis. Often portable and handheld products used in rough environments can benefit from the scratch resistance and high optical performance as well.

The Cleartech™ surface can be silk screen printed using same process and technique as for printing on glass surfaces. Cleartech™ can only be applied to clear acrylic.

Click here to see the Cleartech Product Leaflet.

Cleartech™ Touch

Our most popular polymer solution for touch is Cleartech™ Touch. The solution is based on a clear acrylic with Cleartech™ and a micro-structured anti-Newton rear side surface treatment.  The very smooth surface makes ‘touching’ and operating the interface easy and removal of fingerprints can be done without any problems.

Read more about Cleartech™ Touch here.


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