Test & Measurement Equipment

Display windows with EMI-shielding
combined with maximum readability

Test & Measurement Equipment

The application environment

The test & measurement applications are often placed inside, showing advanced, detailed, and accurate information.

Typical display window requirements

  • Maximum readability 
  • Anti-reflection or non-glare surface treatment
  • EMI-shielding
  • Chemical & cleaning resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Portable devices: Light weight

PSC products and solutions

Display windows of Solaris™ acrylic and Glacier™ glass with various surface treatments depending on the application needs. For EMC solutions Solaris-Shield™ is a perfect choice. PSC has made various customized solutions for customers in this market. Below you can read more about one of them. 


Case: Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde and Schwarz display window


Rohde & Schwarz is a market leader in the field of advanced test and measurement equipment. PSC supplies among other display windows for digital measurement product.

Most important customer benefits

Due to the detailed information displayed the application requires a display window of flawless optical quality and highest possible transmission to provide maximum readability. In addition the equipment must be EMI shielded to avoid ingoing as well as outgoing electromagnetic transmission.


The chosen solution is a Solaris-Shield™ display window with an embedded stainless steel mesh of 100opi. To avoid the Moiré interference, the mesh is rotated into a 30 degree angle. In addition, a silver busbar is applied to secure proper electrical contact between the display window and the cabinet. A Fine Mat surface treatment is added as an additional feature preventing distracting light reflections. The display window is machined according to customer drawings and specifications.

Customer benefits

The Solaris-Shield™ offers optimum shielding and maximum readability with a light transmittance of approximately 80%.


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