NIR Sensors

Filters for NIR sensors and detectors i.e. used in coffee
machines, production lines and hygeine applications.

NIR Sensors

The application environment

IR detectors and sensors are applied in all kinds of applications and environments. Vending machines, cup detectors in coffee machines, production lines with part detectors, hand dryers, soap and paper dispensers just to name a few.

Typical filter requirements

  • Effective transmission / attenuation the in the desired wavelength range
  • Anti-reflection (AR) coating
  • Optimized anti-reflection (AR) coating
  • Cleaning & chemical resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Black panel effect


PSC products and solutions

PSC manufactures NIR transparent acrylic filters, which block all visible light completely. We call these filter solutions Solaris™ IR S 306. Combined with our Optimised AR surface treatment, Solaris IR S306 is the best-in-class solution for a wide range of NIR sensor applications. With our optimised AR surface treatment it is possible to obtain extra high performance, with enhanced detection distance and faster response time. Furthermore, our innovative Easy-Pick™ solution provides maximum cost efficiency at our customers' assembly line.


Case: N&W Global Vending SpA

nir sensor vending machine

Customer & Application

N&W Global Vending is a world leading manufacturer of automatic snack and beverage vending machines. PSC supplies filters for cup detectors in the vending machines.

Most important customer requirements

N&W Global Vending requires a black, near infrared (NIR) transparent filter for the “cup detector”.


Solaris IR S306 filter CNC-machined into exact geometry and delivered as Easy-Pick™.

Customer benefits

The customer obtained the detection performance required together with the black panel design. Furthermore, with Easy-Pick™ the finished parts are delivered on a carrier film, making it very easy to pick the individual parts, providing maximum cost-efficiency in the mounting/assembly process.


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