EMI shielding windows for defence displays & monitors
(i.e. MIL STD 461, Def stan 59-411 and TEMPEST)


The application environment

Electronic defence and military applications often deploy EMI shielded display windows for monitors and displays in order to avoid internal and external electromagnetic radiation. The application environment can be indoor, outdoor and demanding regarding window durability and regulatory requirements. 

Typical display window demands

  • EMI Shielding, compliance to i.e. TEMPEST, MIL STD 461 & Def stan 59-411 
  • High light transmission
  • Impact & Scratch Resistance
  • Anti-reflection


PSC products and solutions

Our EMI shielding products Solaris™-Shield and Combi-Shield are excellent solutions for defence applications. Solaris™-Shield and Combi-Shield ensure high standard EMI shielding together with the best optical performance and light transmission. Furthermore, our solutions fulfil MIL and TEMPEST requirements. PSC has supplied EMI shielding display windows for a long range for defence applications. Below you can read more about one of them.  


Case: SAAB

 saab emc solution  combi shield saab


Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. PSC supplies to several Saab products, here among the rugged vehicle displays.

Most important requirements

Due to the sensitive information displayed on the rugged vehicle displays in the battlefield, Saab requires an EMC solution with high shielding performance. In addition, high optical performance is a requirement. Finally, the EMC solution should fit an existing display.


The solution developed for Saab is the Combi-Shield™, which can be combined with touch screens and existing displays since its mesh is not embedded in the display window, but attached to an aluminium frame. The shielding and optical performance of the Combi-Shield™ is similar or better than the cast-in mesh.

Customer benefits

The customer benefits from a top class EMC solution with high performance and resistance to vibration, moisture, shock and extreme temperatures. The challenges of the modern battlefield are met and the customer needs not to worry about the technology. 


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