Excellent optical filter and display window
solutions for the automotive market


The application environment

The applications are placed inside a car or outside i.e. on a motor cycle. The applications count climate control units, navigation, entertainment, and audio systems. The filter and display window requirements mostly concern readability, durability, and design features.

Typical filter and display window demands

  • Display colour conversion
  • Contrast enhancement
  • Black panel effect when device turned off
  • Special design features
  • Reflection control
  • Scratch and impact resistance
  • For touch applications: a smooth touch surface

PSC products and solutions

Display windows and optical filters of our Solaris™ Clear, Solaris™ Colour and Solaris™ VFD's are excellent products for automotive applications. For features like anti-reflection and scratch resistance we can add one of our surface treatments.Furthermore, PSC has innovated Easy-Mount™, which is a handling solution that provides maximum cost efficiency at our customers' assembly line.

PSC has produced a number of customized filter and display window solutions for a long range of German, British, French and American car manufactures. We also have one of the world's best known motor cycle manufactures on our customer list. Below you can read more about one of our automotive solutions.


Case: Mercedes-Benz

 VF display colour filter car 


Mercedes is among the top worldwide automotive brands and is known for its top quality cars. PSC supplies among others a display window solution for a climate control unit.

Most important customer requirements

The Mercedes designers required a custom colour output from a specific type of display. 


To achieve the desired custom “warm white” colour as required as well as obtaining the optimal functionality, the solution chosen was a VF-display in combination with a Solaris™ VFD colour conversion filter and a grey-shaded ND filter. This solution with the custom made Solaris™ optical filter in front of the green VF-display produces exactly the desired output colour and maximises the readability. Furthermore, a black panel design is achieved when the display is turned off.

Customer benefits

A product with a high quality design down to the smallest detail. The display window solution supports the design and quality, which Mercedes wishes to communicate to its customers. 


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