Very effective anti reflection (AR) optimsed for sensors, scanners & cameras

Anti-Reflection (AR) for Light Sensing & Scanning

Optimised AR Coatings

The spectral properties of anti reflective coatings for display applications are optimised for the wavelengths visible to the human eye. However, most machine vision applications only benefit from specific wavelengths within the VIS range (red), or longer wavelengths than those of visible light (NIR).

For these applications PSC has developed a range of unique and very effective Anti Reflective surface treatments called Optimised AR Coatings. The Optimised AR is applied to our acrylic sheet material.

The Optimised AR Coatings are designed to obtain maximum AR performance in the exact application-specific wavelength range. It reduces reflections to an absolute minimum and increases undisturbed transmission in the desired range. This is highly relevant in certain camera, scanner, and sensor applications.


Red AR

Solaris Red ARPSC offers Red AR specially designed for barcode readers and the like. An Optimised AR Coating is applied to one of our red colour filters materials (i.e. Solaris S706). This means that the filter's transmission is improved to almost 100 % in the red range, eliminating almost all signal degradations caused by surface reflections.

See the Solaris S706 Red AR transmission curve here.



NIR filter with optimised ARThe NIR AR is often applied to our Solaris™ IR 306 filter. This means that the filter's transmission is improved to almost 100 % in the NIR range. Certain traffic cameras and iris recognition applications apply our NIR AR solution for faster and more precise detections, maximizing the signal-to-noise ratio in the signal detection.

See the NIR AR transmission curve here.


1550 AR

The 1550 AR applied on Solaris acrylic provides a filter transmission up to 98 % in the 1550 nm range combined with only 0.5 % reflectance (double-sided measurement). The topcoat is Hydrophobic and abrasion resistant, and the acrylic base material makes the filter lightweight and much more impact resistant than glass. These properties make 1550 AR perfect for filter and cover lens solutions in 1550 nm LIDAR camera applications.
The 1550 AR is for applications such as ‘eye-safe’ infrared laser rangefinders using 1550 nm lasers and other LIDAR derived products for robotics, archaeology, geology, military or surveying purposes.

See the transmission & reflection curve for 1550 AR here.


We manufacture the optimised AR coated materials in sheet formats, from which we then machine the individual parts. This provides full geometric design freedom for our customers. Besides the design freedom our processing capabilities also make us able to create and offer innovative handling solutions, such as Easy-Pick™, which provide maximum cost efficiency at our customers' assembly line.

RED AR, NIR AR and 1550 AR are not standard products, why the availability often depends on the concrete customer project. 

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