Scratch resistant display window with anti-Newton properties for PCAP Touch

Cleartech Touch

Cleartech™ Touch is a cover glass solution for projected capacitive touch applications requiring extreme scratch and/or chemical resistance combined with excellent optical clarity.

The hardness and optical quality of the clear hard coated front side is among the best ever seen on plastics, which combined with the almost invisible micro-structured anti-Newton rear side surface treatment defines the unique properties of Cleartech™ Touch.

Cleartech™ Touch is optimized for projected capacitive touch solutions and the very smooth surface makes ‘touching’ and operating the interface easy. Furthermore, the extreme hardness and chemical resistance ensures cleaning, and removal of fingerprints can be done without any problems.

Cleartech™ Touch can be used for all types of projected capacitive touch applications, but is typically employed in portable products handled under rough conditions, and works perfectly with high resolution displays.

Cleartech™ Touch can be supplied according to your application specifications and PSC offers design freedom and creativity, even in smaller volumes.

Cleartech™ Touch can be machined, printed, and fitted with adhesives for easy mounting.


Technical Data

  • Base material: PMMA
  • Pencil hardness: 6-8 H
  • Light transmittance < 92 %
  • Standard thicknesses 1-6 mm

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