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Obtaining unique performance

Knowledge of how to control and manipulate light and colours makes it possible for PSC to develop display window solutions with unique performance. In the development of display windows, colours are used to optimise the functionality, readability, design and aesthetics of the final product.

Colours are defined by light, which is measured in wavelength. The colours visible to the human eye are roughly from 400 to 700 nanometres within the electromagnetic spectrum. Examples of invisible light are UV, infrared, and X-ray.

The Solaris™ optical filters are designed to allow or block the transmission of a specific part of the colour range. By controlling the light transmission we can develop the optimal solution to any application.

PSC - Selective colour filter

The illustration above shows a selective filter designed to only transmit the green light. This solution is especially suitable in applications requiring colour correction and contrast enhancement.


Broadband colour filter

A broadband filter opens for all colours – the optimal solution in applications in which contrast enhancement is required without loss of the full colour spectrum.

Your solution provider

We have a wide variety of coloured filters in stock and are able to create a display window solution matching the exact requirements of the application. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact PSC for further advice on colours – we aim to offer the best possible service ensuring the best solution.


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