Our purpose is to improve 
the displays of the world

We develop and produce high 
quality display window solutions 
with unique and innovative features

We find many names for those we love!

The Term Jungle of Display Window, Cover Glass,
Optical Filter, Front Glass & Cover Lens

display window, cover glass, front glass

Industrial Applications

- Solutions beyond standard!

Display windows for demanding
professional applications.

Display window and cover lens for industrial displays
Industrial Applications

Digital Signage

- transmitting a clear message

Display windows for signage
and information applications

Cover glass and front glass for digital signage
Digital Signage

Light Sensing & Scanning

- Keeping the signal clear!

Optical filters for sensors, 
scanners and cameras.

optical IR and colour filters for sensors, scanners, cameras
Light Sensing & Scanning

EMI Shielding

- Invisible performance!

EMI shielding display windows with excellent
shielding performance and light transmission.

EMI Shielding

Consumer Applications

- Design in light & colours!

Display windows and filters
with unique design features

Display windows and colour filter for consumer displays
Consumer Applications

Perceive Solve Create

'Perceive Solve Create' is our mantra and it permeats the way we work. Together with our clients we enter into close collaboration on the development of unique display window solutions. We apply our in-depth knowledge regarding materials, design, durability, readability, and regulation requirements. In that way we create the optimal solution tailored to the specific application.


Special products require special production methods - and a special attitude. That is PSC.

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