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5 areas to consider when choosing a cover glass solution

In this article, we look at the five areas you should consider before choosing a cover glass solution for your next project.

Benefits of the right cover glass solution

Most people do not think about the cover glass in front of their electronic device, but the choice of cover glass has a significant impact on the device's performance in many different applications. Therefore, there are many benefits to considering the properties you want your cover glass to have.

In some applications, the most critical factor is the device's design, or the performance and accuracy of optic sensors in other applications. In some cases, it might even be the durability and vandal-proofing of the device that is the most crucial factor when choosing a cover glass solution.

The environment may also affect the choice of cover glass. If the electronic device, display, or digital signage is used or placed in a public setting or exposed to rough cleaning, a surface treatment that increases the durability against these conditions may be the right choice.

There might even be regulatory demands for the application, which the cover glass must naturally also adhere to, such as fire resistance, EMI shielding, or durability requirements.

5 areas to consider

Here at PSC, we group these considerations into five areas:

Readability: How important is readability for your application? Is it a high-resolution display that needs maximum transparency and image quality? Is it important to have some sort of anti-reflection on the cover glass to improve readability in challenging light conditions such as direct sunlight or overhead lamps on a production line?

Durability: It is also important to consider whether the device needs to be scratch-resistant or have some kind of impact resistance because of the environment it is placed in. Here, it is also worth considering whether the device will be cleaned with harsh chemicals such as anti-viral or anti-bacterial disinfectants. If this is the case, it is worth considering one of our surface treatments which improve durability against these chemicals.

Regulatory: In many cases, there are regulatory requirements for the electronic device or display. In some scenarios, it might be a requirement that the cover glass has a particular fire- or toxicity rating. These regulations might dictate the choice of cover glass for your project.

Design: Do you have a design department with wishes for the design of the cover glass? In many applications, especially in consumer applications with displays such as audio/hi-fi devices and home appliances, the design of the cover glass solution is an important consideration. In many cases, a specific color or design is required to fit with the overall design of the device.

General Considerations: The last considerations we would like to point out in this article are the general considerations when choosing a cover glass. This could be functionality issues that should be considered, and whether the choice of cover glass is subject to price sensitivity.

At PSC, we are dedicated to finding the right cover glass solution for our customers. That is why we consider the above areas every time we help a customer to find the perfect cover glass for their project.

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