What to consider in a cover glass solution investment

5 important areas to consider when investing in a cover glass

5 important areas for a perfect fit in cover glass

Benefits of a cover glass solution

Most people do not think about the cover glass in front of their electronic device – unless it is not satisfying. By perfecting the cover glass solution to fit the actual device and the usage of the device, you will benefit in several ways.

A front panel solution that is thought through helps the electronic device display or receive information clearly. In receiving information, a reduced SNR-ratio can be obtained with a flawless cover lens with optical properties.

The environment may also affect the cover glass. If the electronic device, display or large format signage is used or placed in a public environment or exposed to rough cleaning, a surface treatment that enhances scratch resistance may be the right choice. It may even come down to the choice of material.

The choice of material is also important when the electronic device or display is placed in an environment where there are regulatory demands.

5 areas to consider

PSC have divided the considerations into the 5 most important areas to consider and decide on:

Readability: How optically clear do you want the output in your display to be, and have you considered anti reflection to enhance output further?

Durability: Is your electronic device, display or cover lens, placed in an environment where impact resistance is a must? Or maybe chemical resistance, if rough cleaning is necessary?

Regulatory: Are there any regulatory requirements for the electronic device (display) in the environment in which it is placed?

Design: Have you considered the fit of the cover glass in the electronic device and any mechanical processing necessary?

General considerations: Is the cover glass subject to price sensitivity? Are there any functionality issues that should be taken into consideration?

At PSC A/S we are dedicated to finding the right cover glass solution for our customers. That is why we take the above areas into consideration every time we help a customer to find the perfect fit.