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Working with our customers we apply our extensive knowledge of light and colours, surface treatments, and EMI shielding which are the three typical application areas. We combine this with in-depth knowledge of base materials (polymers and glass) and display technologies.


Knowledge of how to control and manipulate light and colours makes it possible for PSC to develop display filter solutions with unique performance. In the development of display filters, colours are used to optimise the functionality, readability, design, and aesthetics of the final product.

Colours are defined by light, which is measured in wavelength. The colours visible to the human eye are roughly from 400 to 700 nanometres within the electromagnetic spectrum. Examples of invisible light are UV, infrared, and X-ray.

The Solaris™ optical filters are designed to allow or block the transmission of a specific part of the colour range. By controlling the light transmission we can develop the optimal solution to any application.

The illustration above shows a selective filter designed to only transmit the green light. This solution is especially suitable in applications requiring colour correction and contrast enhancement.

 A broadband filter opens for all colours – the optimal solution in applications in which contrast enhancement is required without loss of the full colour spectrum.

We have a wide variety of coloured filters in stock and are able to create a display filter solution matching the exact requirements of the application. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for further advice on colours – we aim to offer the best possible service ensuring the best solution.

Surface Treatment

When the application demands additional features such as elimination of distracting light reflections or improved abrasion or chemical resistance, we apply our extensive knowledge of surface optimisation. We have our own coating facilities and a great supply chain.

More information about our specific surface treatments can be found in the Products section.

Deciding upon the right surface treatment is very much dependent on the exact needs and requirements of the specific application. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for further advice on surface treatments – we aim to offer the best possible service ensuring the best solution.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding

Making a hole in a box containing electronic components constitutes a problem: Undesirable emission can get out – and in. We apply our extensive EMC knowledge to help you effectively control incoming as well as outgoing emission through your display window.

Any EMI shielding is a balance between the shielding effect and the light transmission. The goal is to achieve the required shielding performance at the same time ensure maximum readability.

We have the knowledge to optimise both of these vital parameters. The high quality steel or copper mesh is blackened in order to minimize reflections and at the same time increase the contrast from the display. The result is a light transmittance of up to 78% for our EMI shielding windows.

Our EMI shielding windows can be produced in the specific trans­parent colour required for your application. Thus, there is always an EMI shielding window suitable for the output of your display. The result is optimal light transmission, whilst secondary light is filtered out in order to obtain a clear and easily readable signal.

Whenever you need an EMI shielding display window with the highest possible readability, we can develop the exact solution to meet your needs.

Our customers benefit from the experience and know-how which has been build up over decades. We offer extensive application and technical support aiming to find the optimal solution to the specific customer application.

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