PSC's founder Verner Jacobsen

PSC Kristian Jacobsen

PSC was founded in 1968 under the official name Plastic Service Company A/S. In the early days, the focus was on trade within semi-manufactured plastic articles but over the years, the company has developed considerably.

I 1986 the company was taken over by Mr. Verner Jacobsen, who had many years of experience within manufacturing and processing of plastics, particularly acrylics. He recognised the growing need for display windows of superior optical quality arising from the emerging electronics industry, and decided to focus all the company’s resources to this market.

Mr. Verner Jacobsens retired in 1998 where his son Mr. Kristian Jacobsen bought the company as a part of a generational change.  Mr. Kristian Jacobsen was managing director until 2006 and is today still an active part of the board and owner of the family company.

Over the years, the facilities have been extended and today the company is a leader in its field: The development and manufacturing of the best display window solutions.

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