Production Capabilities


Plastic Processing

Our plastic processing plant comprises the following main capabilities: 

  • Casting high quality PMMA

PSC has its own casting facility manufacturing acrylic of superior optical quality. Full flexibility with regard to colours and thicknesses. 

  • Surface treatment

We are able to offer a very broad range of surface treatments, including non-glare, AR, and scratch resistant coatings. 

  • Mechanical processing

Cutting, sawing, milling and laser cutting from sheet to finished display window. 

  • Finishing

We provide a large number of additional services including silk screen printing, gluing, bending, lamination and pre-assembly in order to offer our customers one-stop-shopping. In short, we supply the display window ready to mount.

We are able to deliver ready to mount display windows in ways that provide maximum cost efficiency in our customers' assembly process, i.e. Easy-Mount™and Easy-Pick™.

In addition to our own production capabilities we maintain a strong network of sub-suppliers.

Glass Processing

Our glass processing plant comprises the following main capabilities:

  • Mechanical processing

Through a very large pool of specialised and highly automated machines we are able to perform all types of mechanical processing including cutting, seaming, edge grinding and CNC milling. 

  • Thermal tempering

Our high capacity convection oven tempers glass from 4 to 19 mm thickness. 

  • PVB Lamination

In our lamination process heat and pressure is applied to a 'sandwich' consisting of two layers of glass with a PVB film in-between. The PVB films melts and bonds the two glasses together creating a robust and shatterproof display window for applications in e.g. public places.

  • Printing

Our printing department offers silk screen print in small and large formats (up to 1400x2800 mm).


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