Easy-Pick™ & Easy-Mount™

Innovations which provides maximum
cost-efficiency in your assembly process.


Easy-Pick™ and  Easy-Mount™ are  PSC innovations to minimize the time consumption at our customers’ assembly line. The Easy-Pick™ and Easy-Mount™ can be applied to certain PSC products. Contact PSC to learn more.

PSC Easy-Pick™


Individual parts are CNC machined into size/shape from sheet material, while fixated on a rigid carrier film, specially developed to that purpose.

Finished parts are delivered on the carrier film, making it very easy to pick the individual parts, providing maximum cost-efficiency in the mounting/assembly process.

The most popular solution is ready-to-mount-parts sitting on the adhesive carrier film without any individual part protective film. This provides the best possible cost-efficiency at the assembly line.

Easy-Pick™ parts can be supplied with or without single- or double sided protective film(s) on the individual parts, depending on which solution fits the mounting process best.

Easy-pick filter for scanning applicationEasy pick



PSC Easy-Mount™

Easy-Mount™ is an option when ordering colour filters. Instead of cutting the filters individually, we pre-cut into strips of filters. Protection film is applied after the cutting process and can therefore easily be removed.

For easy handling at the assemply line PSC Easy-Mount™ filters can be supplied with double-sided adhesive tape, which makes the filters ready to 'pick' from the strips and mount directly onto the display.

The Easy-Mount™ concept reduces time spent on removing the protective film, applying adhesive tape, and mounting the filters.

When PSC filters are delivered as Easy-Mount™ our customer saves valuable production time, which provides maximum cost-efficiency. It is therefore a concept that is perfectly suited for mass-assemply i.e. in consumer electronic production lines.

Easy mount filter for consumer electronicEasy Mount colour filters for consumer electronics








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