Company introduction

PSC A/S designs and creates high-end, customized display filters and cover lenses. Producing optical filter solutions for many different needs and requirements demands expert knowledge about materials and coatings. It also requires knowledge and insight into the customers’ pains and challenges and the special demands in the different application areas.

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Founded in 1968 under the official name Plastic Service Company A/S, PSC A/S had its primary focus on trade within semi-manufactured plastic articles. But over the years, the company found its rightful place in producing superior optical filter solutions.

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Strategy & Core Values

Our mission is to add value to our customers’ equipment by developing and producing high quality display window solutions with unique and innovative features. We want to extend our role as a leading full-line supplier of customer specific display window solutions.

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When designing a display filter solution the starting point is always a specific customer application. Our aim is to understand which features are most important for the customer, which possible limitations (mechanical/physical) exist and how we can add additional value to the design phase.

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Production Capabilities

PSC production facilities are located in Brønderslev, North Denmark. Plastic and glass processing are situated in separate locations within short walking distance from each other. The glass processing facility is a joint venture between PSC and bo-glas A/S.

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Meet our employees and let us help you with your next display filter project.

Hanus Vilhelm
Managing Director
Louise Severinsen
Chief Accountant
Bent Nielsen
Sales Manager
Sven Schoess
Area Sales Manager
Jette Davids
Sales Coordinator
Trine Jensen
Sales Coordinator
Diana Madsen
Marketing Manager
Jesper H. Nielsen
Product & Product Development Manager
Kim Olesen
Purchase & Logistics Manager
Jonas Glerup
Quality & Production Engineering Manager
Niels Christian Jensen
Production Planner & Technician
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PSC Introduction and History


Company Introduction

At PSC we concentrate all our resources on the development and manufacturing of customer specific display window solutions.

Display windows (also called cover glasses or filters) are placed in front of electronic displays or vision systems with the aim to improve the appearance, performance and/or functionality of the display itself or the equipment as a whole. 

PSC provides full service in design, engineering and manufacturing of the finished display window solution according to customer drawings and requirements.

We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015


In 1986 the company was taken over by Mr. Verner Jacobsen, who had many years of experience within manufacturing and processing of plastics, particularly acrylics. He recognised the growing need for display windows of superior optical quality arising from the emerging electronics industry, and decided to focus all the company’s resources to this market.

Mr. Verner Jacobsens retired in 1998 where his son Mr. Kristian Jacobsen bought the company as a part of a generational change.  Mr. Kristian Jacobsen was managing director until 2006 and is today still an active part of the board and owner of the family company.

Over the years, the facilities have been extended and today the company is a leader in its field: The development and manufacturing of the best display window solutions.

Strategy and Core Values

From the PSC mission, vision and strategy we draw the company’s core values, expressed in six main words:  

  • Flexible

It is of vital importance for PSC to stay flexible in order to always respect and understand the requirements of the customer. In our vocabulary, flexibility is all about adapting to and acting on changes, staying open-minded and never loosing the ability to be amazed.

  • Partner

A good partnership is based on commitment, openness, respect and trust – and the ability to stay focused on common goals. PSC believes in long term relationships, meeting our partners eye to eye and minding the soft as well as the hard issues.

  • Global

Being global means much more than following the customers worldwide, doing business wherever they are. In the world of PSC a truly global company knows of no boundaries or limits – and it is open-minded and ready for changes, always providing the customer best practice.

  • Value-adder

A value-adder gives more than the customer asks for, always aiming to inspire, to care, and to be professionally focused on possibilities. Adding value is providing the customer with know-how, freedom and flexibility. With PSC as value-adder what you see is what you get – and more.

  • Visionary

PSC is very much aware of the need to be creative, driven by innovation and striving for constant development in solutions as well as in the company itself. Only in this way we can be a truly visionary market leader. To stay visionary, we must stay in motion, open-minded and knowledge based.

  • Challenger

PSC aims to set new market standards. Therefore, we challenge the ‘good enough’-solutions, constantly striving for perfection and for the position as market leader. To be a true challenger also means to undertake even the most challenging task – to be willing to try even harder.


PSC A/S, Industrivej 13, DK-9700 Brønderslev, Denmark.
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