Set Top Boxes

Colour filters designed for set top boxes in order
to corect colours and improve contrast.

Set Top Boxes

The application environment

Set top boxes and the like are used indoor in consumer environments. The filter and display window requirements mostly concern design features and aesthetic looks.

Typical display window requirements

  • Colour conversion
  • Contrast enhancement
  • Black panel effect when device turned off
  • Special design features


PSC products and solutions

Solaris™ S Colour and Solaris™ VFD's are excellent products for set top boxes and similar applications, that require unique design features and/ or colour outputs.

PSC manufactures a number of filter and display window solutions for international set top box manufactures.


Case: "World leading manufacturer of set top boxes"
VFD Colour filter for set top box 

Customer & Application

The customer is a world leading manufacturer of set top boxes, digital TV boxes etc . PSC supplies filters for a range of set top boxes.

Most important customer requirements

The designers required a custom white colour (“warm white”) output from a green VF-display.


To achieve the desired custom colour, PSC developed a special Solaris VFD colour conversion filter. This Solaris filter provides the exact “warm white” colour output as specified. The Solaris filters are packed as Easy-Mount™.

Customer benefits

The customer obtained the specified colour output. Furthermore, the Easy-Mount™ filter and handling solution provides maximum cost efficiency at the customer’s assembly line – saving time during the mounting process.


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