Optical acrylic/polycarbonate windows | Mobile/Telecom
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Telecom Mobile

Scratch and impact resistant optical display filters for ruggedized mobile and communication applications.

Environment for Mobile/Telecom applications


Telecom and mobile applications are found in consumer or professional environments. The display window requirements for consumer applications mostly concern design and optical quality.

For professional applications, the main concerns are durability and optical quality. Some ruggedized applications require extra durable display windows i.e. regarding chemical, scratch- and impact resistance.

Optical window solutions for Mobile/Telecom applications


Display windows of Polycarbonate and Solaris™ Clear acrylic with our clear hard coat surface treatments, HC Clear or Cleartech™ are preferred choices, providing outstanding durability and high optical quality.

Typical display window requirements
Scratch and impact resistance
High light transmission
Chemical resistance
Low weight
Easy to clean
For touch: A smooth touch surface

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