Optical cover glass | LED passenger information
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Passenger Information LED

Cover glass for LED display based passenger information systems.

Environment for LED passenger information systems


The LED based passenger information systems are typically found in busses, trains, bus terminals, train stations, airports etc. Since the applications are placed in a public environment it requires vandal-proof cover glass solutions.

Cover glass solutions for LED passenger information


PSC has created a wide range of cover glass solutions for passenger LED signage systems primarily made from polycarbonate. We have great experience with custom coloured polycarbonate solutions that live up to strict fire behaviour and smoke toxicity standards (i.e. UL 94 V0).

Typical display window requirements
Impact resistance / vandal-proof
Good fire behaviour (i.e. UL 94 V0, DIN 5510-2: S4, SR2, ST2)
High smoke toxicity standards (DIN 5510-1:2009: FED
Black panel effect when device turned off
Specific colour output
Reflection control: Anti-reflective or non-glare
Easy to clean and anti-graffiti properties
EMI shielding, e.g. for some applications inside a train, DS/EN 50121-3-2

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