Display glass solutions | TFT-LCD passenger information
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Passenger Information TFT LCD

Cover glass for TFT - LCD based passenger information systems.

Environment for TFT-LCD based passenger information


The TFT - LCD based passenger information signage is typically found in bus terminals, train stations, airports etc. Readability, durability and safety are important issues for this application type. Since the applications are placed in a public environment they often require vandal-proof cover glass solutions. Also solar heat protection can be an issue for outdoor applications in order to protect the display from overheating.

Cover glass solutions for TFT - LCD passenger information


PSC has created a wide range of cover glass solutions for TFT - LCD monitors displaying passenger information. Our solutions can for example be found in many train stations around Europe. For solar heat control our Glacier™ AR Sun Shade and Glacier™ AR Sun Stop are very popular solutions.

Typical display window requirements
Impact resistance
Shatter proof
Reflection control: Anti-reflective or non-glare
Solar heat protection
Easy to clean and anti-graffiti properties

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