Traffic Signage

Cover glass solutions for
traffic signage applications

Traffic Signage

The application environment and usage

The applications are placed outdoor in public environments. There are often specific requirements regarding light transmission and viewing angles, so the signage appear clear and can be seen from many angles. 

Typical cover glass requirements

  • High light transmission
  • Full daylight readability
  • Impact resistance / vandal-proof
  • Reflection control
  • Anti-graffiti properties
  • Easy to clean

PSC products and solutions

PSC has created various cover glass solutions for traffic signage applications. The cover glass supplied for the traffic signage is primarily of polycarbonate with a surface treatment. Contact us to learn more.  


Case: Technical traffic solutions (TTS)

Cover lens for traffic signage - green man walk  Cover lens for traffic signage red light  Cover lens for traffic signage green light 


TTS is one of Europe’s most innovative and productive companies within the business of traffics, parking and city-owned equipment. PSC developed and supplied the cover glass for the “Green Light” series of traffic lights.

Most important customer requirements

TTS changes the traffic lights from the traditional glow lamp into a LED technique. Furthermore, it is a flat panel design without the “sunshades” normally seen on traffic control lights. The requirements are therefore a cover glass solution, which provides maximum readability in full daylight. Furthermore, the solution must be suitable for outdoor use and impact resistant to prevent damages due to vandalism.


The solution chosen is based on a polycarbonate filter as this material is very well suited for the application and has a very high impact resistance. A special grey-shaded filter was chosen to provide good contrast enhancement. Finally, a Fine Mat surface treatment is applied to reduce reflections from incoming light, ensuring all time readability

Customer benefits

The traffic lights are difficult to damage due to the polycarbonate display filter and the signal is easier to see because of the contrast enhancement. This improves the traffic security. In addition, the mat finish treatment improves the readability and reduces the need to clean the surface, which equals less maintenance costs.


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