Large format cover glass for visualization applications
with high resolution i.e. applied in museums and galleries.


The application environment and usage

Some special presentation and interactive visualization applications require customized, large format and very high optical quality cover glass. This is i.e. large format and high resolution (Ultra High Definition (UHD) / 4K) monitors designed for museums, galleries and other educational purposes. These applications enable interactive viewing and manipulation of super-high resolution digital images of artwork. Such applications are mostly placed in a public or semi-public environment, which often requires impact resistance and shatter-proof cover glass. 

Typical cover glass requirements

  • Large format 85-120" diagonal
  • High performance reflection control
  • Shatter-proof
  • Easy cleaning and anti finger print

PSC products and solutions

PSC manufactures customized large format cover glass designed for high resolution visualization and presentation applications. Our high performance anti-reflective glass solution Glacier™ AR is perfect for these applications. Combined with our large format glass processing capabilities we are able to deliver much coveted large format and high performance cover glass solutions for this specific market. 



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