Optical EMI shielding windows | Defence and military
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EMI shielding windows for defence displays and monitors
(i.e. MIL STD 461, Def stan 59-411 and TEMPEST)

Environment for defence and military devices


Electronic defence and military devices often deploy EMI shielded display filters for monitors and displays in order to avoid internal and external electromagnetic radiation.

The application environment can be indoors or outdoors, and very demanding with regards to filter durability and regulatory requirements.

EMI shielding cover glass solutions for military and defence applications


Our EMI shielding products Solaris™-Shield and Combi-ShieldTM are excellent solutions for defence applications.

Solaris™-Shield and Combi-Shield ensure high standard EMI shielding together with unique optical performance and light transmission. Our solutions also fulfill MIL and TEMPEST requirements.

Typical display window requirements
EMI Shielding in compliance to i.e. TEMPEST, MIL STD 461 & Def stan 59-411
High light transmission
Impact & Scratch Resistance

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