EMI shielding filter solutions | Public and finance
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Public and Finance

Protect sensitive information and communication with EMI-shielded display filters.

Environment for public and finance monitors

As a part of a data protection strategy, banks, finance corporations, authorities etc. deploy EMI shielded display windows for monitors and displays. This is done to avoid emission of electromagnetic signals, which can be detected and from which sensitive information can be decrypted.

EMI shielding cover glass solutions for public and finance monitors

Our EMI shielding products Solaris-Shield™ and Combi-Shield™ are excellent solutions for these application types. Solaris-Shield™ and Combi-Shield™ ensure EMI shielding together with high optical performance and light transmission. Solaris-Shield™ can be combined med various surface treatments, e.g. to improve scratch resistance.

Typical display window requirements
EMI shielding
High light transmission
Impact & scratch resistance

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