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Protect sensitive information and communication
with EMI-shielded display windows

Public & Finance

The application environment

As a part of a data protection strategy, banks, finance corporations, authorities etc. deploy EMI shielded display windows for monitors and displays. This is done to avoid emission of electromagnetic signals, which can be detected and from which sensitive information can be decrypted. 

Typical display window demands

  • EMI shielding
  • High light transmission
  • Impact & scratch resistance

PSC Products and solutions

Our EMI shielding products Solaris-Shield™ and Combi-Shield™ are excellent solutions for these application types. Solaris-Shield™ and Combi-Shield™ ensure EMI shielding together with high optical performance and light transmission. Solaris-Shield™ can be combined med various surface treatments, e.g. to improve scratch resistance. 

PSC has supplied EMI shielding display windows for several data protection applications. Below you can read more about one of them.


Case: "Unnamed business security company" 


The business security company is one of the world's leading companies within hardware encryption systems for data, voice, fax, video and the Internet. They work with high security requirements such as military departments, law enforcement, multinational corporations and banks. Because of the high security level needed on securing data up to Top-Secret level, they are using PSC’s EMC solution Solaris-Shield™ for a network encrypthor.

Most important customer requirements

EMI-shielding protection combined with a certain degree of impact resistance. In addition, it is important to be able to take care of operation temperatures.


A Solaris-Shield S202 4,0mm provided with adhesive tape.

Customer benefits

PSC provides the impact resistance required and a solution that eliminates issues with electromagnetic radiation. Together with conductive tape, the customer benefits from a total solution.


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