Industrial cover glass | HMI and Control panels
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Hmi and Control Panels

Special optical window solutions for rough industrial use.

Optical windows for HMI and Control panels

Often exposed to a rough and demanding environment, heavy use and contamination, displays and electronic equipment require a ruggedized design and a display filter with special properties. The applications are mostly found in fixed positions, but also portable and handheld devices require display windows designed to customer and application requirements.

Solutions for HMI and control panels

Optical windows of Polycarbonate and Solaris™ Clear acrylic with our clear hard coat surface treatments, HC Clear or Cleartech™ are preferred choices, providing outstanding durability and high optical quality. We manufacture display window solutions for this specific market.

Typical display window requirements
Scratch and impact resistance
High light transmission
Chemical resistance
Low weight
Easy to clean
For touch: A smooth touch surface

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