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Marine and Offshore

Cover glass solutions with maximum readability and salt water resistance.

Environment for marine and offshore devices


Marine- and offshore environments can be harsh and demanding. The device is often placed outdoors, exposed to all kinds of weather, or indoors on the ship's bridge, in an engine room, etc.

The rough and changing environment means tough demands on the applied optical filter solution and its capabilities.

Regular exposure to salt water and UV-light is especially tough on cover glass.

Cover glass solutions for marine and offshore applications


Therefore, we manufacture specially design cover glass solutions for marine equipment. Choosing the right surface treatment is crucial for these kinds of applications.

Our Marine AR coating is specially optimized for marine applications.

This coating can be applied on both polymers and glass.

Typical display window requirements
Maximum readability: Anti-reflective (AR) or non-glare surface treatment´s
Salt water & chemical resistance
Impact- & scratch resistance
UV protection

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