Payment Terminals

Scratch resistant display windows of high
optical quality for payment terminals

Payment Terminals

 The application environment

ATM’s, payment and ticket machines are used in all kinds of public environments, e.g. gas stations, stores, parking lots, banks etc. The display window requirements depend on the specific environment, but typical requirements concern durability, reflection control, and regulatory standards.

Typical display window requirements

  • Scratch resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • High optical quality
  • Anti reflection or non glare surface treatment
  • For touch applications: a smooth touch surface
  • Antistatic for Ex standards e.g. at gas stations 
  • Fire/ Flammability rating

PSC products and solutions

Solaris Clear acrylic, Polycarbonate or Glass are all materials used for ATM’s, payment- and ticket machines. The choice of material depends on the exact product needs and application environment.  Contact us to learn more.



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