Food Industry

Display windows of plastic with
scratch & chemical resistance

Food Industry

The application environment

Electronic equipment with information displays used within the food industry, e.g. at production lines, warehouses and stores, often require special display windows due to industry standards and regulations. Due to these standards plastic materials are often preferred over glass. Examples of applications are inspection and detection systems, checkweighers, weighing scales, analytic instruments, handheld devices for logging & barcode reading etc. 

Typical display window requirements

  • Scratch & wear resistance
  • Chemical & cleaning resistance
  • Portable devices: Light weight
  • Touch devices: a smooth touch surface
  • Maximum readability 
  • Anti-reflection or non-glare surface treatment

PSC products and solutions

A clear acrylic display window applied with our clear hard coat Cleartech™ is a very popular solution for food industry display applications. Contact us to learn more.



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