Barcode Readers

Red and IR optical filters optimised
for barcode readers and scanners

Barcode Readers

The application environment

Barcode readers are applied in many different environments i.e. super markets, hospitals, production facilities and warehouses. Most barcode readers are handheld. 

Typical filter requirements

  • Effective filtering
  • Anti-reflection (AR) coating
  • Optimised anti-reflection (AR) coating
  • Cleaning resistance
  • Scratch and impact resistance

PSC products and solutions

PSC manufactures acrylic filters of our Solaris™ S Colour and Solaris™ IR S 306. Our casted acrylic combined with AR or optimised AR surface treatments result in excellent filter solutions for barcode readers. With the optimised AR surface treatment it is possible to obtain extra high performance of the barcode reader. Learn more about our optimised AR for barcode readers Red AR here. Furthermore, PSC has innovated Easy-Pick™, which is a handling solution that provides maximum cost efficiency at our customers' assembly line.


Case: "World leading producer of barcode readers"


The customer is a world leading producer of barcode readers, data collection mobile computers and RFID systems. PSC supplies filters for barcode scanners, infrared readers and LCD displays.

Most important customer requirements

For a barcode reader the customer requires a high quality filter with a low level of imperfections, fast and precise reading. Furthermore, an AR coating with good performance in the red region is required.


A Solaris S filter with AR multi-layer coating was chosen as the best solution for the customer's application.

Customer benefits

The customer obtained the excellent barcode reading quality required. Signal to noise ratio is increased due to the AR coating properties, which results in an extremely fast and precise barcode reader.



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