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Barcode Readers

We provide red and infrared (IR) optical filters specially optimized for barcode readers and scanners.

Barcode reader application areas


Barcode readers are used in many different industries and environments, such as supermarkets, hospitals, production facilities, warehouses, etc.

We design and manufacture different solutions according to your specific requirements, whether it be for fixed or handheld barcode readers.

Cover glass solutions for barcode readers


We manufacture acrylic cover glass solutions of our Solaris™ S Color and Solaris™ IR S 306.

Our casted acrylic combined with AR (anti-reflection) or optimized AR surface treatments results in excellent barcode scanning performance.

Our AR treatments maximize the speed and accuracy of your barcode scanner, minimizing scanning errors and the time it takes to scan barcodes.

Typical display window requirements
Effective filtering of specific wavelengths
Optimized anti-reflective (AR) coating
Resistance to heavy cleaning agents
Scratch- and impact-resistant

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