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Iris Scanners

Near infrared (NIR) filters for iris recognition applications.

Iris scanner use cases


Iris scanning is a biometric recognition and identification method.

Through video recording of a person's unique iris pattern, these devices are able to recognize individuals - similar to finger prints. This technology is used for eg access control and border crossings, in locations such as secured buildings, airports etc.

The technology is often based on near infrared wavelengths. NIR filters are therefore often the preffered type of filter for these applications.

Optical filter solutions for Iris scanners


PSC manufactures NIR acrylic filters.

We call these filter solutions Solaris™ IR S306. Our casted black or very dark red acrylic filters combined with anti-reflection (AR) or optimised AR surface treatments result in excellent filter solutions for iris recognition devices.

With the optimised AR surface treatment, it is possible to obtain extra high scanning performance, with improved precision and faster recognitions.

Typical display window requirements
High NIR transmittance and block of visible light
Optimised anti-reflection (AR) coating
Cleaning resistance
Scratch- and impact resistance
Black panel effect to hide the optics behind the cover lens

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