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NIR Sensors

Filters for NIR sensors and detectors used machines such as coffee machines, production lines with part detection, and hygienic equipment.

Environment for NIR sensors


Infrared detectors and sensors are applied in all kinds of devices and environments.

Vending machines, cup detectors in coffee machines, production lines with part detectors, hand dryers, soap and paper dispensers, just to name a few.

Optical filter solutions for NIR sensors


With devices needing to completely block out all visible light, we typically recommend our NIR transparent acrylic filters. We call these filter solutions Solaris™ IR S 306.

Combined with our optimised AR surface treatment, Solaris IR S306 is the best-in-class solution for a wide range of NIR sensor applications and makes it possible to obtain extra high performance, with enhanced detection distance and fast response time.

Typical display window requirements
Effective transmission / attenuation in the desired wavelength range
Anti-reflection (AR) coating
Optimised anti-reflection (AR) coating
Cleaning & chemical resistance
Impact resistance
Black panel effect

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