Maintaining a competitive edge through quality is a conscious choice at AMCO S.A., and every part of the product has to live up to the needs of the end user and the quality requirements at AMCO.

Keeping up performance

AMCO S.A. is a leading provider of mobility systems and electronic information display systems. Their main objective is, and has always been, to develop complete and robust smart mobility systems that cover today’s needs but also anticipate and respond to future transit challenges.

From bus and rail transport to parking and bike sharing systems, the goal is to enhance and simplify mobility services around the world.

This is also the case with the two devices, the Nexo-360, an onboard computer, ticket printer, and driver console, and the SV360 contactless validator.


PSC provides AMCO with the required cover glass for the optical readers in the SV360 contactless validators and Nexo-360 driver consoles.

For AMCO and their end customers, excellent performance in all lighting conditions is a must. At the same time, quality in every part is important to make a high quality device and to assure the competitive edge.

This is why PSC A/S has provided AMCO with two different solutions. One is the acrylic solaris with a PSC anti reflection coating combined with an anti fingerprint coating. The other is the acrylic Wet AR solution.

Customer benefits

Optimal performance is ensured in the Nexo-360 and the SV360 through custom cut and top-performing AR coated acrylic solutions. The anti finger print coating makes it easy to remove smudge.

The solutions also offered features that are in line with AMCO’s overall anti vandal design in a cost-effective manner as the Wet AR cover glass solution in addition to anti reflection properties provides the surface with a resistance to wear and tear.

Being cut to size according to customer requirements as well as having the required quality, while maintaining an affordable cost, means that the cover glass solution greatly complements the manufacturing of the validators and consoles.

PSC was selected because of the dual benefit that AMCO achieved – high quality at affordable cost.

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