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Ascom was looking for a scratch and impact resistant solution for a durable handheld communication device.
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About Ascom

Ascom Wireless Solutions offers a broad range of state-of-the-art mobility solutions and applications, purpose-built handsets, wireless voice- and message-transmission systems, and customized alarm and positioning applications.


PSC delivers, among other, display windows for the Ascom d81, which is a ruggedized handset communication device.


Ascom Wireless Solutions needed a display cover glass solution for their Ascom d81 device.

The challenge was finding a lightweight, high optical quality filter that could survive the challenging outdoors for which the device was designed.


The handset is used in the most demanding working environments where the handset is handled roughly and is exposed to harsh environments. Therefore, the cover glass needed to be scratch and impact resistant. Furthermore, chemical resistance and low weight were essential requirements in this case.

Our solution was a polycarbonate cover glass with our hard coat, HC Clear.

This solution is highly scratch, impact, and chemical resistant, supporting the device's durability requirements.

Furthermore, the display window is of low weight and has a high optical quality. Overall it is a perfect solution for the high-quality ruggedized handset.

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