High accuracy recognition is a must in AVUTEC camera systems


Ensuring high recognition performance under all conditions in camera systems was the requirement from AVUTEC for their cover glass solution. They found such an optical filter at PSC A/S.
Traffic cameras

Contributing to high performance

Delivering top quality products and living up to the highest standards of recognition technology is one of AVUTECs core values. They only supply highly specialised high-tech embedded AI camera systems, that are built with innovative and high-tech components. This is to constantly set a benchmark for quality.

For AVUTEC, every part contributes to the end result: the best possible source image and recognition in each situation or application. This also applies to the cover glass.

For the ANPR camera-range AVUTEC needed an optical filter solution to deliver the best possible images under all weather and lighting conditions to obtain optimal recognition results, also in near Infrared.


The filter designed and produced for AVUTEC consists of two materials. The main filter is optimized to block all visible light, only near infrared light is passed. The IR-LED illumination and the OCR (optical character recognition) NIR sensor are hidden behind the infrared filter. A circle shaped transparent part, integrated in the middle of the main daylight filter transmits all visual light, providing the best conditions for the second camera (full colour).

Customer benefits

The combination of the two materials in a single filter provides the individual conditions for both camera sensors to achieve highly accurate license plate recognition and object detection and classification. A top-class filter in a high-end AI smart camera system, guarantees the best class of recognition results under all challenging conditions.

To build high-tech specialised camera systems, AVUTEC needs trustworthy and professional partners that can supply quality products. In PSC, AVUTEC found such a partner in cover glass.


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