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Maximum readability from all angles and consideration of the environment in which the product is placed are the requirements DEIF A/S have for their cover glass for marine bridge instrumentation. PSC A/S has the solution.
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Optimal output display in bridge instrumentation

DEIF A/S is a world class Danish company. The company produces controllers for use on land and on water and marine bridge instrumentation. For DEIF A/S, innovation is the foundation upon which all products are based. Covering just under half of the world market, the company is absolutely market leader within marine bridge instrumentation.

High demands rest upon bridge instrumentation as there must be maximum readability from all angles. For instruments placed outside, water tightness, resistance to salt water, and an ability to withstand all types of weather are of the essence. That is why DEIF A/S is continuously working on improving their solutions to achieve the optimum output. It is also here that the company has its competitive advantage, as the individual instruments can be tailored to the customer's need for scale displaying.


To improve the readability of the instruments, DEIF A/S has changed their solution from being an injection moulded cover lens to a cast acrylic cover glass solution in front of a LCD-TFT display. With the new design and display solution, colour differences in the display are avoided. The company has invested in a cover glass solution for the display from PSC A/S. The solution is called Fine Hard MatTM.

The cover glass solution is based on acrylic on which a surface treatment has been applied on both sides. On the front side of the acrylic glass, a mat hard coating is applied, and on the rear side a hard coating is applied.

Martin Gudbjerg, Senior Hardware Designer at DEIF A/S comments on the new solution: ”There is better optical performance in the PMMA with the Fine Hard MatTM. Less haze and better transmission.”

Customer benefits

By applying this solution from PSC A/S, the display achieves a mat surface with anti reflective properties, providing optimal readability from all angles due to the mat hard coating on the front side. The Fine Hard Mat micro particles are finer than in other mat coatings, which satisfies DEIF A/S’ requirement in relation to the TFT display. In addition, it is dirt repellent and thus perfect for the environment that can be found on ships. The handling of the acrylic glass is eased, as it is hard coated on the rear side. The hard coating, and hence scratch resistance, protects the parts during assembly.

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