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Eureca Messtechnik

The right cover glass in a camera or optical measurement system can provide enhanced performance. This is the reason why Eureca Messtechnik GmbH came to PSC A/S for their modification process.
Eureca Messtechnik GmbH
Camera Systems

Enhanced optical performance

Supporting OEM-customers in developing camera or optical measurement systems means knowing your components. And for Eureca Messtechnik GmbH it is especially important as they also give technical advice in selecting the most suitable accessories, such as lenses, filters, etc.

Besides selling standard camera systems, Eureca Messtechnik GmbH offers modification of cameras. By refining camera sensors, the camera solution can use inexpensive sensors for advanced applications. However, this means that the cover glass must be replaced, and this was where Eureca Messtechnik GmbH came to us for a high quality cover glass solution..



Machine vision devices and sensors working in the near infrared area can often benefit from a bandpass filter especially developed for the near infrared wavelengths.

To meet Eureca Messtechnik's requirements, we supply them with our Solaris™ IR S306 NIR filter.


Due to its excellent optical specifications Solaris IR S306 can be used for infrared measurement or surveillance applications directly in the beam path. In contrast to commonly used IR glass, it can easily be cut into a variety of shapes by laser, while being cost-efficient.

The S306 filter blocks visible light up to 750 nm, while infrared light is transmitted with high transparency.

This makes it ideal for high-power LED lighting applications with wavelengths around 850nm or 880nm, which makes it an ideal choice for Eureca Messtechnik  and the camera systems they manufacture.


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