Precise images through fast recognition even under severe conditions

IDEMIA is the global leader in Augmented Identity, offering a variety of solutions to industries such as financial institutions, mobile operators and government institutions all over the world.

In facial recognition-solutions it is important that the camera system delivers optimal recognition performance, including the best signal to noise ratio, in order to create the best results. The software inside is obviously the key element in obtaining fast and accurate recognition. However, the optimized optical filter solution in front of the camera is a crucial element to ensuring full potential of the system.  


To ensure maximum performance, IDEMIA utilizes an optical filter solution from PSC A/S. A solution combining an optical filter with various properties. The main filter is optimized for the near infrared range which means that it efficiently blocks all visible light, allowing only near infrared light to be transmitted. The LED illumination is hidden behind this infrared filter, and through the properties of the infrared filter, illumination is enhanced. This in return improves the camera function.

The other filter part covering the camera, which is sensitive to both visible and near infrared light, is made from a high transmission, scratch-resistant material optimized for both the visible area and the NIR range, providing the best possible working conditions for the camera sensors. In thisfilter solution, surface treatment consisting of a clear hardcoat has been applied, ensuring lifetime durability even when exposed to rough environments.

Customer benefits

By integrating an optimized optical filter solution from PSC A/S, IDEMIA has perfected the camera function of the brand new OneLook camera.

The OneLook by IDEMIA is a highly innovative device, offering a new approach to capturing and identifying a person at-a-distance. 

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