We supplied a two-in-one custom made filter solution for an ANPR camera solution that enhanced precision and fast recognition.
Traffic Cameras

Optimized optical filter solution ensures enhanced precision and fast recognition for ANPR camera

For MACQ in Belgium innovation is the key element in every solution. Expert knowledge and knowhow permeates all aspects of their designs, solutions and products. For their ANPR camera solution they needed a filter solution that could live up to the camera software and provide precision and fast recognition every time.


The solution consists of two optical filter materials with different properties combined. The main filter is optimized for the near infrared range which means that it efficiently blocks all visible light, allowing only near infrared light to be transmitted.

The other filter part covering the camera, which is sensitive to both visible and near infrared light, is made from a high transmission, scratch-resistant material optimized for both the visible area and the NIR range, providing the best possible working conditions for the camera sensors.

Customer benefits

By combining two filter solutions in one, PSC has enhanced the precision and fast recognition of the camera by allowing the camera software to perform optimally.

The LED illumination is hidden behind the infrared filter, and through the properties of the infrared filter, illumination is enhanced. This in return improves the camera function.

In this filter solution, surface treatment consisting of a clear hardcoat has been applied, ensuring lifetime durability even when exposed to rough environment.

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