Case: Primare | PSC


We supplied Primare with a Solaris acrylic solution that fit the design and readability requirements of their SP33 AV Preamplifier.

About Primare

Primare AB is a high-end Hi-Fi manufacturer focusing on great sound along with Scandinavian design and aesthetics.

PSC supplies cover glass for a wide range of Primare’s products, such as their SP33 AV Preamplifier.


The most important factor for Primare with their SP33 AV Preamplifier was the appearance of the cover glass.

Therefore, the main task was to get the desired appearance while still ensuring maximum readability of the monitor behind our solution.


To adhere to the design of the preamplifier, a semi-transparent grey Solaris™ filter was chosen. This acrylic filter produces the desired color output and maximizes the readability of the unit's screen.

Furthermore, a black panel design is achieved when the display is turned off. The filter is CNC-milled, screen printed, and applied with die-cut double-sided adhesive tape.

The result is a ready-to-mount cover glass that fits the preamplifier's design and readability requirements for an elegant look.


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