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Since 2013, we have manufactured and supplied Rønvig Dental's CALAJECT™ unit with its polycarbonate cover glass solution. We are proud to supply this solution since the device has won the Dental Advisor's Top Award for 2022 thanks to its premium quality build and user experience.
Rønvig Dental
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About Rønvig Dental

Rønvig Dental develops, produces, and exports premium dental instruments. They operate internationally and have been a global exporter since Jørn Rønvig founded the company in 1981.

Their vision is to manufacture dental instruments of premium quality, which dentists love to use in their clinics every day because of the quality and comfort of the tools for the dentists and their patients.

Rønvig Dental’s CALAJECT™ is a pain-free injection device which results in a more relaxed experience for the patient, and better working position for the user. The device does so by actively controlling the flow rate, which ensures a smooth flow of anesthesia.


Rønvig Dental prides themselves in their high-quality products because all R&D and manufacturing take place in Daugård, Denmark. With this high expectation for premium quality, Rønvig Dental was looking for a manufacturer and supplier of display cover glass for the CALAJECT™.

The cover glass had two primary requirements. First, the cover glass had to be durable enough to withstand the forces and wear of the typical daily use of dental instruments. Furthermore, Rønvig Dental had fire resistance requirements for the cover glass.


As soon as our clients need their cover glass solution to be fire-resistant, we start considering whether one of our polycarbonate solutions could be the right choice. This is because of polycarbonate’s great fire- and smoke toxicity requirements.

After investigating the market for high-quality cover glass, Rønvig Dental ended up choosing our transparent PC Lexan 9030 solution because we had the expertise and manufacturing facilities that matched the high-quality standards that Rønvig Dental has for its suppliers.

While our F2000 Polycarbonate has the best fire rating, the solution didn’t require the strictest ratings. Therefore, we recommended our Lexan PC 9030 polycarbonate, which is not as fire-retardant as F2000 but is still considerably better than the other choices for this specific application.

We coat this solution with our Hard Mat 55° surface treatment to resist daily usage and wear. This surface treatment ensures the unit’s lifetime by making it scratch resistant. Lastly, we also apply our silk screen print, 3M adhesive, and DP Lift to ensure an efficient mounting process.

Since 2013, we have supplied Rønvig Dental with over 3000 units and are looking forward to our continued partnership.

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