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Survision was looking for a reliable manufacturer of cover glass solutions for the ANPR cameras.
Light Sensing and Scanning

About Survision

Survision manufactures cameras for license plate recognition (LPR/ANPR).

The company provides integrated, stand-alone LPR cameras that combine lighting, shooting, and image-processing in one solution.


Survision's aim with their cover glass was to have a solution that covered the whole front-side of their ANPR camera with an near-infrared filter to have a stealthy look whilst maintaining great optical performance.

Since license plates are IR reflective, Survision needed an NIR filter that filtered everything else to maximize the camera's accuracy.

Therefore, the company was looking for a cover glass manufacturer that could deliver a solution with consistent performance, to support their manufacturing with a reliable supply chain.


To do this, we supplied Survision with our Solaris™ IR S306 filter.

This filter is an optical filter specially designed and developed for IR applications due to its technical specifications. The filter blocks out all wavelengths below 800 nm, which results in a compeltely black surface that still transmits wavelengths above 800 nm. For Survision, this meant that the optics and sensors behind the filter are completely invisible to the human eye.

We are proud to have Survision as a partner who is constantly striving for perfection. We value this partnership because it is based on trust and common values in being a value-adder to people's quality of life.


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