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Passenger information systems not only have strict requirements for design and readability, but also have to have certain fire and smoke toxicity and temperature ratings.
Passenger Information (LED)

About Teleste

Teleste is a market leader in applications for information management systems for public transportation.

Their top priority is to provide accessible and readable information to passengers on public transport.



Passenger information systems have strict requirements for the display cover glass.

Not only does the display have to be readable in various environments, but there are also stringent requirements to the cover glass regarding fire and smoke toxicity and temperature rating.

Furthermore, Teleste also had considerations about impact resistance since the displays are mounted in public environments.


To comply with these requirements, PSC designed a clear and a red polycarbonate cut-to-size cover glass solution for Teleste's onboard monochrome LED displays. Both solutions were treated with a Fine Mat™ anti-glare coating, providing the display with a mat surface. This coating eliminates reflections and ensures excellent optical performance.

Our polycarbonate solution also provided the required level of impact resistance when considering that the displays are used in public transportation.

In close collaboration with Teleste, we have therefore provided them with a display cover glass solution that ensures the device's longevity while optimizing the optical performance display itself.

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